Michael Hamsa

Michael Hamsa

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Hamsa is Chief Technology Officer at GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc. (GSI). Michael has been leading the software development teams at GSI since April of 2001 and has built the company’s software product portfolio up to include software modules targeting many different business processes in the utility and military verticals.

Michael has 20 years of experience working with and developing on many different GIS software platforms, including GE Smallworld CST, ESRI ArcGIS and Enghouse Cablecad and GeoNet. During this time he has also worked very closely leading and developing independent software solutions using a wide range of technologies, both software and hardware, and has successfully led and completed many different large scale software development projects.

From his initial involvement at GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc. in 2001, Michael has helped grow the company from its starting size of only 2 employees into a thriving software company with employees in Austin, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. He has also been instrumental in gaining many different large electric, natural gas and US Department of Defense customers in over 28 States and 2 Canadian Provinces.

Michael is the inventor of patented software technology, an accomplished mountain biker placing 7th overall in the 1995 Texas Fall Cup Series and 11th overall in the 1997 Texas Championship Series, as well as an Eagle Scout. He has presented papers at many different trade shows on various software and hardware technologies and has received a speaker award at the 2001 GITA annual conference.

Michael lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Julie and 3 children, Emily, Matthew and Amanda. 

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