GSI Distribution Design Studio (DDS)

Utility design and engineering software that streamlines workflows, reduces design cycle times

Distribution Design Studio (DDS) is a design and engineering platform that streamlines electric and gas design workflows, reduces design cycle times, and integrates design information with GIS, work management, and other systems. The DDS solution includes structural analysis, electrical analysis, GIS rendering, CAD importing/editing, imagery services, GPS/GNSS collection, and mobile tools all in one package. 

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DDS works in the office and in the field. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and handheld devices. Connected or disconnected.

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Mobile Design Capabilities (with GPS/GNSS)

  • Field design capability on tablets and phones (iOS and Android)

  • Support for various types of GPS/GNSS receivers

  • Compatible unit assignment in the office and field

  • Integrated real-time WAAS correction

  • Designs can be created while connected or disconnected, in the office or in the field

GSI Distribution Design Studio (DDS) is a comprehensive software solution that improves the design process by combining robust GIS/CAD rendering and editing capabilities with GPS/GNSS and intuitive, efficient toolsets to streamline electric and gas workflows, reduce design cycle times, and share design information with internal and external systems (such as GIS, WMS).

DDS incorporates end-to-end electric and gas line design workflows, generates necessary reporting outputs, and includes comprehensive engineering analyses including: structural analysis, clearance analysis, overhead profile view, electrical analysis, underground cable pulling/pushing, and optimization.

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Engineering Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis for multiple overhead
    structures at once (single pole and multi-pole structures), including analysis of guys, anchors, crossarms, insulators, and poles

  • Ability to generate an overhead profile view with conductor clearances

  • Cable Pulling/Pushing Calculations

  • Electrical Analysis calculations for Voltage Drop, Flicker, Transformer Utilization and Conductor Utilization

  • Electrical Optimization for equipment and conductors

Build Electric and Gas Distribution Lines

  • A mature compatible unit system in the design process

  • Embedded CAD/drawing tools

  • Standardized reporting and drawing outputs

  • User-interface that is easy to use, easy to train, and easy to learn

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Integration Expertise

  • Integrations between DDS and GIS/WMS greatly reduces the duplication of effort 
  • GIS integrations are supported with Esri ArcGIS, Intergraph G/Technology, and GE Electric Office
  • WMS integrations are supported with IBM Maximo, SAP EAM, Oracle EAM, and other work management systems
  • Work orders, compatible units, parts, and costs.
    All kept in sync
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FREE 1-Hour Workshop on Optimizing Your Workflow

You’ve got important challenges to solve.

Let us show you what our solutions can do in an hour or less.

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