GSI Utility Design Services (UDS)

We provide the workforce and expertise to get your design needs met.

Utility Design Services (UDS) will execute the design you need while integrating the important information from your GIS and existing systems. All built to your specific utilities’ standards. We have the experience in the field to survey and input the data you need and the expertise of using our own proprietary Distribution Design Studio our clients already love to bring the right solutions to life.

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Reliability Projects (including worst performing circuits)

  • Circuit inspections and follow-up
  • Fuse coordination

Distribution Development Plans (grid hardening)

  • Circuit ties
  • Reconductoring
  • Substation exits
  • River and railroad crossings

Government Projects (road widening)

  • Review plans and identify conflicts

Underground Rehab Work

  • Cable replacements
  • Proactive span replacements
  • Replace live-front transformers
  • Loop replacement

Underground Subdivisions (lot plans)

Overhead to Underground Conversions

Service to solar farms, EV charging stations, Bitcoin Mines

Rotten/Broken Pole replacements


DDS Training




5G work

Let's talk today about how we can solve your utility design challenges.

You’ve got important challenges to solve.

You don’t always have the resources to pull it off. That’s where we come in.

Flow. Steady. Continuous.

Flow continues unless something impedes or stops it.

At GSI, it’s our job to make sure that never happens. We create and align solutions that remove impediments and deliver the results you demand.

GSI’s software solutions help you support complex workflows, analyze comprehensive engineering data, and manage the environment to keep your lines delivering energy. It’s all about giving you the energy output you need. Whether it’s a new line extension, overgrown vegetation or manpower planning, our engineering and mobile solutions keep your organization completely aligned.


Distribution Design Studio

Electric and Gas Line Design


Transmission and Distribution Vegetation Management Software

Utility Design Services

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