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Advanced Workflows

Helping Designers Stay Productive

While industry trends and utility requirements add complexity to designers’ workflows, DDS leverages technology and industry expertise to ensure that designers remain productive. DDS allows designers to satisfy customer needs and utility requirements even as workloads increase, workflow complexity increases, and technology changes.

Third-Party Attachments

DDS supports the various nuances associated with third-party attachments on poles. Analysis comparisons between existing conditions vs proposed conditions can be utilized to drive out the associated make-ready work and cost allocation considerations. GSI also supports the proposal process from the attaching companies along with the digital field data.


The powerful and flexible structural analysis capabilities built into DDS allow companies to analyze their overhead infrastructure under standard and/or unique loading conditions. Extreme ice and/or wind conditions can be accounted for so that worst-case storm scenarios can be assessed. The analysis results are reported at the component level so designers can be sure they are building a resilient system.

Underground Design

Designers use DDS to create, trace, analyze and optimize complex underground network and subdivision designs. Useful symbology and line styles represent the correct equipment during the design layout, while more complex schematics can be used to interact with equipment sub-components.

DDS appropriately accounts for numerous underground aspects, such as trench types, conductor in conduit, conduit spacing, electrical connectivity, routing, fuses, switches, elbows, operable status, electrical analysis, cable pulling/pushing tensions and more.


Standardization Starts With Design.

In The Office Integrations

In The Field (With GPS/GNSS)

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