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Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN! View AgendaRegister Now!

Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN! View Agenda | Register Now!

Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN!
View Agenda | Register Now!

Design Built for Utilities

Standardization starts with design

Our platform allows your designers to create designs that meet your company’s standards and engineering practices. Saving you time from the start of the design through construction and as-built reporting.

A mature, compatible unit system in the design process

• Configured with your company's standards and compatible units
• Drives automated materials and cost estimating
• Keeps in sync with your Work Management System (WMS)

Embedded CAD/drawing tools

• GIS rendering
• CAD import/edit/export
• Robust drawing functionality
• Dimensioning capabilities

Standardized reporting and drawing outputs

• Standardized reporting outputs (material lists, staking reports, engineering analysis results and more)
• Graphical construction sketches configured with your company's symbols and line styles
• Drawing and package templates to match your company's construction sketch/packet requirements

User-interface that is easy to use, easy to train and easy to learn

• User-friendly
• Menu-driven
• Custom training documents to match your company's workflow

In The Office Integrations

  • Integrations between DDS and GIS/WMS greatly reduces the duplication of effort 
  • GIS integrations are supported with Esri ArcGIS, Intergraph G/Technology and GE Electric Office 
  • WMS integrations are supported with IBM Maximo, SAP EAM, Oracle EAM and other work management systems 
  • Work orders, compatible units, parts and costs are all kept in sync

In The Field

With DDS Designer

An integrated companion application to our Distribution Design Studio

Design your overhead and underground distribution lines safely, efficiently and accurately in the field with GPS/GNSS collection, eliminating double data entry and paper. Compatible with phones and tablets, with or without an internet connection.


  • Staking an electric line extension through difficult terrain and heavy tree canopy with a measuring tape can be challenging and hazardous for Designers
  • Field Design is safer with DDS Designer


  • Utility Designers can start their design in the field or export their Distribution Design Studio design to their mobile device to confirm accurate work point locations. 


  • DDS Designer helps you speed up the time it takes to get your next project out of your head and into the hands of the construction crew, so you can focus on serving your customers well. 

GPS/GNSS Data Collection

  • Field design capability on tablets and phones (iOS and Android)
  • Support for various types of GPS/GNSS receivers 
  • Compatible unit assignment in office and field
  • Connect to ArcGIS web maps when in the field
  • Design using a variety of tools and features
  • Designs can be created with or without an internet connection 

Let us help put a package together for you. 

We are proud to offer Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets and Trimble GPS/GNSS Equipment to help you design in the field no matter the conditions.


Resiliency Starts With The Design

Electrical Analysis

Structural Analysis

Conductor Clearance Analysis

Cable Pulling Analysis

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