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Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN! View AgendaRegister Now!

Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN! View Agenda | Register Now!

Registration for the DDS User Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is OPEN!
View Agenda | Register Now!

And Design Services For Utilities

Our experienced team can jump in right now

Utilities across the country are facing staffing challenges. Our experienced team of U.S. based industry experts can assist your company with DDS training, production design and implementation services. We deliver the results you need to serve your customers well.


Our experienced team provides end-user and administrator training services, change management assistance and post go-live hyper care to optimize your investment in DDS.

Production Design Services

Gain an extra hand

Our team of designers will execute your desired design while integrating vital information from your GIS and existing systems. All are built to your specific utilities’ standards. We have the experience in the field to survey and input the data you need and the expertise of using our own proprietary Distribution Design Studio our clients already love to bring the right solutions to life.

  • Reliability Projects (including worst performing circuits)
  • Distribution Development Plans (grid hardening)
  • Government Projects (road widening)
  • Underground Rehab Work
  • Underground Subdivisions (lot plans)
  • Overhead to Underground Conversions 
  • Service to solar farms, EV charging stations, Bitcoin mines
  • Rotten/broken pole replacements
  • Streetlights
  • DDS Training
  • Make-ready
  • Inspections
  • Permitting
  • 5G work


Our teams have been implementing utility design software solutions for over 30 years. We have the expertise to implement DDS and the knowledge of industry best practices that will help you deliver a solution to your end users that streamlines workflows and meets your company’s construction and engineering standards.

Design Migration

The stack of jobs. Lots of utilities have one (or more). A stack of designs that never made it into your previous design tool or your GIS. We can help. Our team of expert designers can enter your jobs in DDS and import them into your GIS.

Advanced Workflows

Helping Designers Stay Productive

Third-Party Attachments


Underground Design

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